Why will someone follow you in Twitter?

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Part1 Why use Twitter

Part 3How to change your background in Twitter

Part 2 Why will someone follow you in Twitter?

Twitter is an amazing social networking site. if you are promoting a product or service ,here are some questions to ask yourself if you want to attract your target audience as followers.

1.Quantity or Quality- is it wise just to follow just about everyone in Twitter? If you are a business owner you know for sure that you have a target niche of people that would find your business or service appealing , so the answer is since you have limited time  you have to narrow down your search to that category of people that would more than likely be attracted to the services or products you have to offer. Let us say you have a beautiful resort in the Pacific islands so beautiful and remote and yet there are only a certain number of people who could get there. Ask yourself what kind of audience would  have the desire and the capacity to reach my resort island and pay for staying there.

So though many people may want to visit that island.. not everyone has the purchasing power or capacity to do so. The same goes with twitter , there is only a certain amount of people who would follow you. No hard feelings. This is what we call the classic market segmentation

2. Information- More than likely someone followed you because there is some thought or idea that attracted that person to you. That person may have been attracted by your links, tweets, image background etc. Whatever it is, it amounts to your whole package.  Here are the following tweets that are common in twitter

Discounts and offers

Latest flash news- celebrity



New product releases

Money making opportunities

Personal stories

Ask yourself with every tweet you do, what is that tweet trying to accomplish because you are being judged by your followers with the number of tweets and the quality content you have to bring to them. One aha moment here.  It’s not about you that they are interested. It’s all about them , the followers. What would they get out of following you as opposed to following the millions of others in the twitter kingdom all chatting one thing or another.

Just remember there are 2 actions the tweets are doing- informing you or persuading you. Either you are being informed of a product through factual statistics and data or you are being persuaded to do some action.  But more than likely you are persuaded to buy something, a product or a service they are offering.

3.Twitter is one huge global mall- yes you are right. Each twitter account is a store as well as a potential customer. Your front page is the store display and you are also free to visit other stores.  Your front page display is your front door and once the customer comes by clicking your links they get to visit other parts of your store.

Remember the marketing classic  AIDA- awareness, interest, desire and action. A consumer first needs to be aware of the product, brand or service. They need to be interested with your product and service to now more about it and third is they have to possess the desire to buy your product to fulfill their need. Finally they need to act on their desire to purchase your product. Twitter does a fabulous job of product  awareness and determining the  interest phase of the consumer.

Why will someone follow you in Twitter? Because you have made your message clear. You have attracted something in that person to click that follow button and that is a good sign, it means that among the millions of twitterers the follower has declared I’m interested in what you have to say, keep on tweeting.


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