More problems than a lack of formal Education.

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You see the ad’s on almost every site, “Mom’s go back to school!”. It sounds like a great opportunity to get an education to open carrer oportunities to this demogrophic. Yet, the reality is, It is still impossible to juggle school,job and the duties of being a parent. Most of the women needing the education lack one of the most important tools in order to succed in completing a degree. Something so obvious, yet, overlooked by our President,the schools and the whole of our nation on why they did not go back to school in the first place. It is as simple as these 2 words. Child Care.

In the rush to try and bring these uneducated and struggling mothers out of low paying dead end jobs, this simple and most needed resource is the biggest problem for mothers to continue their education. I ask you how could this very obvious part of parenthood  been overlooked? How can we solve this problem and what will you do to try and bring childcare to your college or University?  It could be as simple as including Childcare in tuition costs for parents. This would also mean that the current tax laws would have to be adjusted and reflect upon Students who are also parents as well as larger loan or scholorship amounts. So before you begin pointing fingers at parents who have not gone back to school and taken advantage of this opportunity given by our President start asking why? and how can we make it work?


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