Visiting The City of Brotherly Love

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The Franklin Institute – home to the “Giant Heart,” which allows visitors to walk through a replica of the human heart.  The heart includes “beating” sounds and lights to show blood flowing to and from the heart.  This is one of the most popular perminent exhibits at The Franklin Institute.  The Franklin Institute also offers a schedule of rotating exhibits that change periodically.  Many exhibits are hands-on and family friendly. 

The Liberty Bell Center – the new home to the Liberty Bell.  It is a few steps away from Independance Hall, the old site for the bell.  The Liberty Bell Center has small exhibits showing the history of the Liberty Bell.  It explains where the Liberty Bell came from and how it got its famous crack.  You can proceed to view the Liberty Bell, though you may not touch it anymore. 

The Italian Market – the home to many yummy things.  The streets are lined with vendors that are ready to sell you fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish at very reasonable prices.  The stores offer brand name merchanise.  The bakeries offer homemade baked goods and desserts.  Many of the Italian Market restaurants specialize in authentic Italian food.  This is a place to fill your bags with items and your belly with food.  Make sure to visit this attraction before you leave Philadelphia. 

Philly Sports – home to the Eagles (football), Flyers (hockey), Phillies (baseball), and 76ers (basketball).  Philadelphia is known for its loyal but rowdy fans.  It is also known for having all of the major sports teams playing within one mile of each other.  Two venues, Lincoln Financial and Citizens Bank Park, have been built within the past ten years. Experience a sports game at the venue of your choice, through the eyes of a Philly fan, and you will not be disappointed. 

There are many other attractions in Philadelphia.  These are some of the most popular attractions in Philly to visit.  You may want to visit for more information.  The Visitors Center has pamphlets, maps, and schedules for sites in Philadelphia.  No matter what you choose to do, make sure you take your time and enjoy all that Philly has to offer. 


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