The Concept Behind Buteyko Breathing Techniques

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The Buteyko Breathing Technique is used to naturally deal with asthma attacks and other breathing ailments. It can also be used to calm a panic-stricken person down. Buteyko Breathing Technique is highly recognized by most physicians because of its effect in the process of asthma control and attack reduction.

Still, like most alternative treatment methods, scientific thoeris should be fully understood before starting the treatment. This article will present you the concept behind Buteyko Breathing Technique.

To grasp the hypothesis behind Buteyko breathing techniques in full, we should first get the general idea behind three scientific things: Hyperventilation, Vertigo Effect and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Hyperventilation is when someone breathes in and out more often than what is required. (Not necessarily normal — more on that later.) It makes someone breathe in more oxygen and release more Carbon Dioxide.

Vertigo is the feeling of dizziness when someone breathes too much. It is because cells are craving oxygen. A paradox, I know. CO2 actually helps Oxygen to go where it needs to – the cells. Without it, an oxygen atom stays glued onto the hemoglobin, and thus, misses the cells that require.

Carbon Dioxide is scarcely in the air (it is mainly nitrogen) and the body creates this air as a waste material from energy creation.

With these united, we can say that the more a person hyperventilates, the less he gets the oxygen his body needs, although he has a lot of that in his body

Most persons breathe in and out faster than what is required, and that is innate to them. That is still hyperventilation.

With those support theories clear, let’s say an asthmatic hyperventilates by default. Since he hyperventilates innately, he will eventually exhale enough CO2 for his body to scramble for Oxygen. Naturally, his body does not want to die, so what does it do?

It thickens the air ducts. The lungs create more mucus. Coughs begin to start, and because his airways in his lungs are full of mucus and are constricted, whistling sounds are audible. Sounds familiar? Yes, an asthma attack.

Give the body the thing that it wanted in the first place: more oxygen by adding more Carbon Dioxide in the body, and the bodily symptoms will start disappearing and will be triggered back less often in the time to come. That is the concept of Buteyko breathing techniques.

To further read more useful information about this wonderful set of breathing exercises, please check Buteyko Breathing Techniques in Squidoo.


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