The Best Free Anti-Virus Applications

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You can go over to and read  listings. Cnet is the geeks starting point.
You start with what is recommended on Cnet and follow links until you get to where
you want to be.

Protecting yourself from malware is a full time job. Whatever came with your computer
doesn’t work if your computer is over three months old.

Constantly having to update the security program screams that the holes in your software
are known and being exploited.

So while you are still using Whatever you go to Cnet and look over the offerings.

About two years ago, loading AVG on every computer you met was pretty much the geeks
‘knee jerk’.  Those who didn’t load AVG would load AVAST.

In fact loading AVG using it for a few months, then loading AVAST and deleting AVG,
using that for a few months, then going back to AVG and deloading AVAST was the
usual modus of most geeks..

AVG, once considered the best free viri protection, was, in it’s January 2010 incarnation,
one of the most unpleasant pieces of software I have ever encountered.

Firstly, it takes forever to load. 

Secondly, it smears itself all over my harddrive, and ‘locks’ various programs.
Excuse me? This is my computer, you have been invited on, and how dare you
tell me if I can or can not run a chkdsk.

Thirdly, it creates a number of fragments which, of course, can not be removed.

Fourthly, it takes forever to do a scan and I don’t have as much confidence in it
as I did in the lean/mean days of 2007.

Avast has also suffered from this ‘upgrade to crud’.  You know what I mean. Something
works, some morons decide to ‘improve’ or ‘upgrade’ it, and then it doesn’t work anymore.
It becomes complicated, slow, cumbersome, and you wish you could go back to the
previous version.

Avast slowed down my whole computer.  Every so often it caused a hang, and there it would
be, spinning it’s little blueself around showing me that it was working.  I’m so glad it was
enjoying my computer, it wish it would give me a chance.

I tried IObit Security 360.

I downloaded it, then disconnected from the Internet while it installed.

The reason this is so important is:

a) You want to be using a Malware protection program during your connection to the Internet.
b) You need to delete a competiting Malware protector so that the two aren’t finding each other
and having an internecine war on your computer.
c)  You want to be safe during the period you are setting up.

2) It downloads in a jiffy and installs in moments

3) It is lightweight, has an easy interface, and gives you control.

However, it is NOT as strong as AVG or Avast, hence, using it for a short time, then going back to the Standards
Whether AVG or Avast is more than recommended. 

As many splash in the pan Security applications, it starts fantastic, becomes obsolete quickly and upgrades are frills not barricades.


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