Is the Google Work at Home Program a Scam?

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If you spend any time online, you’ve probably come across the Google work at home program. It comes in several forms, but all ads lead to a similar page, which looks like a news page, exclaiming over how a work at home mom has earned thousands using the program. All you have to do is send anywhere from 99 cents to $3 to receive your work at home package.

This Google work at home program sounds like a great way to go and since it is run by Google, it must be safe, so many people send off their credit card number. However, it’s important to realize that these are not legit programs and they are not sponsored by Google. In fact, this scam only uses the search engine giant’s name to ensure that people will trust them enough to send the money.

So, what happens when you send your money off to the program? You may or may not receive a package telling you how to use AdWords, an advertising program. And you’ll be charged a monthly fee. The company makes it virtually impossible to cancel the payments, and they are constantly changing so it’s hard to find them, which is why the company hasn’t been shut down yet . . . it continues to reappear in slightly different reincarnations, all promising the same thing, fast, easy money through a special Google program.

If you’re getting discouraged by all the scams that abound online, why not start your own business? You can build up a solid client base of your own and not have to worry about scams. While it would be nice to earn a couple of thousand dollars a month quickly and easily, the fact is that programs that promise that kind of money without much work are not legit. You’ll end up wasting all your money on scams.

Don’t fall for online scams like the Google work at home program. Even if something has the name of a big company, don’t just assume they are trustworthy. Do your research and when in doubt, hold off on investing. It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid paying anything in order to work. You should be the one getting money, not them! There are many great business ideas that you can run with, or if you prefer, work at home doing a more legit job.


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