The sims 3 – Tips and Tricks – Without cheat codes

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  1. If your sim is pregnant, and you really wnt her to have a girl, she should eat 3 watermelons during her pregnancy. If you want to make sure you get a boy, eat 3 apples.
  2. If your sim watches the kidddy-channel and listen to childrens music during the pregnancy, It will raise the chances of having twins and triplets.
  3. How to become a collector :
    1: Visit places like the park, beach, graveyard or mine
    (you can buy a thing from your life points so you can see where things are)

    2: Pause screen, use map-view and look for them

    3: If you find any stones or other small flying insects, you can click “collect” (asteroids can also be found in star binoculars and if you rummage in rubbish bins you can find everything but insects. The same goes for the catacombs at the cemetery)

    4: Go home

    5: If you found a Space rock,  analyzes it and put it in place * If you analyze it the sim gives it a name, and  the value of it will either increase or decrease.

    6: If you found stones, Put them in the mailbox, by clicking on it or store them.

    7: If you found insect, name them

    8: Wait for one of the stones return in the mail

    9: Click on the mailbox when you can and choose to receive them

    10:Thet are now in your inventory

    11: Keep them in your home or sell them (you can also give them a name if insect *****)

    * You can put your finds in a display case, a pillow or on the table or the floor 

  4. Tips to earn and save Simoleons
    1: Eat only from the trees / shrubs

    2: Cook food on the grill in the park (if you cannot find fruit and vegetables)

    3: Collect stones asterorides, butterflies and insects and sell them

    4: Buy a computer write novels and earn money from royalties

    5: Catch fish and find fruit / vegetables and sell them

    6: Only read skillebooks in the library – no need to buy them 

    7: Paint and photograph and sell your work 

    8: Get a job

    8: Buy a guitar and play in the park for tips

    9: Go to the public pool, instead of purchasing your own pool

    10: use the toilet, at public places
    11: Work out at the gym instead of buying machines for yur home

    12: Grow plants and sells them

    13: Buy the aspirationpoint-rewards, when you can afford: Free entertainment, resturant-discount, multi-tasker, the bladder of steel, opportunic, learn quickly, bookstore pricedealer , always clean, super green fingers, never hungry, extra creative and well-known writer.

    14: Press SHIFT + CTRL and C type move objects on your mailbox and delete (this way you wont get bills)

    15. clean yourself in the public pool, and save money on a shower.
    16: Keep always the same job (and Never work at the hospital)

    17: Drink coffee in the wellness center instead of at home

    18: Accept all the opportunities at the job you get and complete them

    19: With the money you save, then buy shares of businesses  (make partner) and collect your share of the earnings every week.

    20: Choose the business career, this earns you lots of money 

    21: Always answr your cell-phone

    22: Select the character kleptomaniac and you can steal things from the other Sim’s and public places (between 00:00 to 5:00,  3 things per day)

    24: Select character sponge and sponge money and food of the others. Both large and small sums

    26: Select Properties Frugal

    27: If you did number 26, find coupons on your computer and in the newspapers

    28: Read the newspaper for price-deals on classes every day

    29: Always read your newspaper so you can find a chess competition. If you win, you earn money

    30: Do not buy a car or bicycle, take a taxi or run 

    31: Buy a cheap telescope

    32: Search the galaxy

    33: Sooner or later, you will find a new star. Give it a name and earn some money Some stars ar worth more than others.

    34: Always recycle your newspapers when you’re done with them. If there are too many old newspapers on your lot, you risk that the paperboy/girl  will refuse to deliver. 

    35: Do not buy a bed but slep on benches in the park, or stay over at a friend’s house 

    36: Find exclusive seeds, plant them and sell the fruits expensively

    37: When you are fishing, always use your own bait instead of the expensive bait, 

    38: Get a job in the journalism career

    39: Write articles and reviews of restaurants and theater – they earn you extra money

    40: Explore the Catacombs in the cemetery when you can. You can find rainbow stone, animal books, animal garden gnomes

    41: If you are a teenager get a part-time job 

    43: Is our sim bored? Read the newspaper instead of buying books 

Please comment if you have more tips or tricks.

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