Exercise Routines for your Overweight Cat

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Your veterinarian gave the grim diagnosis about your cat: F. A. T. You did what he suggested by changing your cat’s diet, making sure he was getting enough protein and oil in his food. After a few rocky days and an angry kitty, he is now used to eating at scheduled feedings with smaller meals. He is content, but you think you need to do more for him. You notice that he mostly eats and sleeps. He is not getting enough exercise. You realize that if he exercises more, he will get rid of those unwanted pounds more quickly. You do not have to make him try out for the New York City Marathon, but try these ideas with your pet.

You cat needs to exercise, especially if your pet stays indoors. Just a few minutes a day works wonders. He will not be bored, which causes boredom eating.

Play with your cat. This is an excellent form of exercise. Go to the pet store and buy several cat toys. The ones that cats can chase, such as a ball or a windup mouse, are excellent ones. Buy toys that you can put catnip in.

Cats are natural born climbers and jumpers. Many pet stores sell cat trees and scratching posts. Since cats are curious, put the tree by the window. They can climb and watch what is happening in the world.

If you only have one cat, think about getting a second one. If you are away from the house, your cat will have a friend to play with. Just by chasing each other around the house, both of the cats will be getting plenty of exercise. Your cat will not be bored.

If your cat is begging for food and it is not his scheduled feeding time, try this trick. I will help satisfy his taste buds and helps him exercise at the same time. Throw a cat treat and let him run after it.

Buy a pen that has a laser pointer. Shine the light over the room and let your cat chase the red dot.

Take a piece of paper and roll it up in a ball. Watch your kitty when he chases the ball in delight.

A piece of string or a ball of yarn also works wonders. Pretend that you are fishing and that you are fishing for catfish. The curious paws always try to catch that string. Even hang the string over your cats head and he will jump to catch his prey.

These are several handy tips to help your overweight cat lose weight. He will enjoy playing with you. He will not have the same view that humans have about exercise. He will not think of it as work. The thing that you must remember is to start out slowly. Like humans, cats can overdo it when they are exercising for the first time. Start out just a few minutes a day and work it up.


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