Bowling Satety

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The excitement of rolling the ball down the bowling lane and the thrill of all ten pins falling at the first half of the frame, that is what is on your mind as you walk through the door of the bowling alley. Safety is far from your mind. Only people who play sports such as hockey and football get injured. Yet, little do you realize, you can get hurt anywhere in the bowling alley whether you are just entering the center or when you actually start bowling.    

The most important safety rule is to be aware of your surroundings. Many people are swinging a ball that can weigh up to sixteen pounds. While you do not want to get hit with one of these, you also do not want to hit somebody else. That can hurt!

When you are on the approach, make sure no one else is in front of you. Some people are more intent on watching where their ball is going and may get in your way. Never bowl at the same time when somebody is bowling next to you. Wait until he is done.

Use safety when you pick up your bowling ball. Never pick up a ball with one hand. This puts a strain on your fingers, wrist and arm and can cause strains to them. Pick up a bowling ball with two hands and cradle it in your non-throwing arm. When you are getting your ball from the return rack, make sure that no other balls are coming. This is a good way to get a broken finger if you are not paying attention. Do not use a ball that is too heavy. Not only can you strain a muscle, you can also drop it onto your foot. Always wear approved bowling shoes. If you wear sneakers, not only will you mark up the lane approaches, you may slip, fall or strain a muscle. Keep the bottom of your bowling shoes clean and dry. Since you need to slide when you release your ball, a dirty shoe can cause you to slide inappropriately and fall. If you cross the foul line, clean the bottoms of your shoes before you bowl again. The bowling lane is heavily oiled.

Never try to fix something yourself. That is why bowling allies have lane attendants. For example, if a bowling pin did not get cleared away by a pin setter, do not walk down the lane to clear it away. That is what the attendant’s job is, to fix problems they have been trained to handle.

While some think of bowling as a recreational activity, it is still a sport. It is also an excellent form of exercise. As with any sport, you have to take good care of your body. By stretching and warming up your muscles will reduce the chance that you will strain them when you are bowling.

All it takes is some common sense in the bowling alley. While it is easy to get hurt while bowling, when you are aware of your surroundings, wear the right equipment and warm up before you bowl, you protect yourself and others.


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