Gift Ideas for the Hopeless Romantic

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I have always been a romantic person and I would wait on bended knees on birthdays or celebrations to get those beautiful, sickeningly sweet gifts that would just melt your insides. This is a guide for those with loved ones who share the same romantic bone as I do.


You can never go wrong flowers. My idea of a perfect birthday is to be caught by surprise with a huge bouquet of flowers at the door with a cute note that’s dedicated just for me.  Wow your loved one with a bunch of roses or daisies dotted with little forget-me-nots on their special day.


A piece of jewelry would put a smile on anyone’s face; a piece of personalized jewelry would make their day. An antique locket with initials or even a specially made bracelet would show that they’re always on your mind.

Handmade  projects

If you would like to go the extra step, take time to make something from scratch. A hand knitted scarf or pair of gloves would be the perfect gift. You could fill up a photo album with pictures of memories that you’ve had together or even burn a CD with all their favorite songs. It shows your loved ones that you are willing to give up the time and effort for them especially.

Candlelit dinner

It’s the thought that counts. You don’t need material things to keep the hopeless romantic happy. A simple but meaningful gesture is all it takes to please them. A wonderful candlelit dinner by the sea, or even at home with homemade food and slow music followed by snuggling under the star or by the fireplace would dazzle your loved one.


‘Roses are red, Violets are blue…’ A poem dedicated just to that special someone would be the perfect romantic gift. Even if it’s just a verse or 2 pages of your expression of love, it’s the perfect opportunity to sweep them of their feet. Later, you can even to recite it to them. Trust me, they’ll end up teary eyed and totally moved with what you’ve given them.

At the end of the day, all the hopeless romantic want is you. So, gifts aside, take the day off and just be there for that special day. Let them know that you’re willing to go to that extra mile for them and you’ll be giving them the most romantic present ever. Good luck!


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