Saving tips on body care, and recipes for products, you can make at home

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Remove cellulite effective and inexpensive.
Are you plagued by cellulite and do you spend hundreds of dollars on expensive creams to remove it before bikini season really kicks in.?

Here, a much cheaper solution:

Cellulite – 1 portion

Coffee (ground): 50 grams
Sea salt: 50 grams
Ordinary cooking oil: 50 grams
(if you need a “more exclusive” version, then add a few drops of peppermint oil to get the positive effects of aromatherapy).

The ingredients are mixed well together.
Let the mixture brew for approximately. 10-15 min. The mixture is applied on exposed areas such as. thighs, bottom and arms, and massage it well into the skin. That way, you remove all the dead skin cells.
Rinse after approx. 10 min. Massage while you rinse of with warm water. Apply a good amount of body lotion when the skin is completely dried. The treatment should be repeated 3-4 times a week.

Beautiful, healthy and smooth skin with herbal tea
There may actually  a lot of money to save, on the purchase of expensive (prescription) creams to treat skin problems such as. acne, cellulitis, skin dryness, etc.

Skin problems is not always due to external influences, on the skin, but mainly due to accumulation of wasted substances in the body, and these must be removed from the inside!

Herbal teas have a very beneficial effect on the cleansing of wasted products, as herbal tea contains a lot of useful antioxidants ( protection against formation of free radicals that damage cells and cellular tissue).

If the body is in deficit of the liquid, then  herbal tea will mouisture the body from the inside, and solves the problem with dry skin. Herbal tea is a diuretic, and therefore should not be consumed in large quantities!

But do this: Make a big pot of herbal tea after the recipe on the package (it dosen’t have to be an expensive one. the onse you buy at your local supermarket, will work fine). herbal teas can be mixed with liquid sweetener and lemon juice, which gives an extra nice and fresh taste.

Keep the herbal tea in the fridge and drink daily 2-3 mugs of it. For extra cleansing power, herbal tea could be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach with 2 vinegar.

A healthy and easy health routine for both body and soul, also for a generally better well-being.

Symptoms as, a little headache, malodorous perspiration or sweating may occur but are quite harmless, since it is merely a positive “signal” that the body is in the process of cleansing of waste products.

 Cure dry elbows cheaply
I often suffer from dry elbows, and it is frankly not so charming. But then I read in a magazine that you can rub elbows in a little lemon. Elbows will be nice and soft. It’s actually much better than using cream, and cheaper.

 Easy, cheap and simple hairpoducts, that you make yourself

 Make your own facial cream – for only a dollar

Save lots of money on skin care – Make it yourself!

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