“an offer”

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I open my hand and present right before you,

an experience that never you’ve known.

I’m handing a chance, that I hope you will take,

to see what your past never showed.

Place your hand inside mine, I give you my word

That always i’ll keep you safe.

Worry not about where we are going,

just know that it’s free of mistakes.

An opportunity to have an adventure,

one you and I more then deserve,

Will you take this journey and travel with me?

I promise you won’t ever be hurt.

Allow me to give you the proof to believe,

something great does exist out there

Allow me the honor to show you the privilege,

that not once with us has been shared.

They say it’s amazing but we wouldn’t know

But with you I would like to find out.

Though, I know your uncertain, because so much has happened,

I’m aware of your fear and your doubts.

Your reluctance expected, I know that your nervous

But this offer is a once in a life,

Just walk along with me, I’ll show you amazing,

Trust it will be different this time.

I’ll wait till your ready and entirely sure,

Even then , we will still take things slow,

Don’t be afraid and don’t let history lead you,

Fear not that your hand I’ll let go.

Consider what I’ve placed before you,

Allow me to give all you’ve been spared.

Let me introduce you to what they call wonderful,

let me show you how it is when someone cares.

In both of our worlds something’s missing,

and both are filled with reasons to escape.

Take hold of my hand , and lets go be happy,

I’m confident a great life will be made.

With an open hand , I present you an offer,

A gift of a chance if you choose,

An opportunity to know , what real really is,

And see that love can exist right before you.


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