A New Year And Few Things to Write

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What inspire you to write”- A student asked me? I was really fumbling for an answer. I decided that I would give a suitable reply afterwards. I was self –absorbed in looking  for an answer.

 The very first thing that our preceptors said –“Vasudevam Kutumbakam”-meaning the entire world is one family.

 The basic human nature to show some thing as new must be same everywhere. Long back, I shared a journey to New Delhi with two foreigners. The female was from U.K. and male was from some other country. Both had met only in India. As both of them were young, the relationship became intimate and non-platonic. In the train, the female was found to be snuggling up to the male and smooching. This irritated everyone, although the young were served with a ticklish experience. I tried my hand in befriending the female offering her one apple which my mother had given me to eat on the journey. She was bubbling with warmth and energy as she took it, bit it and ate with an expression that could defeat the best celibate in the world. The lady in her twenties was surely charming.

 But I crossed the Rubicon not just by getting glued to her exquisiteness, but went further by motivating her into a talk and there she spilled out all about her. At the instant, she forgot embracing her male buddy and the rest of the journey she went on telling about her family members, their situations in life and sufferings. It was awful to find that she was very common like our girl next door. Oh, at last when our train reached the platforms of Delhi; she confided in me that she was play acting all these show of love with her male buddy just to arouse our curiosity. “We made love in your country”- She said –“But all this that I was just doing in the train with him was just to be within the eye slots of people”.

 “Oh is it? Thank you Kate, but you gave me a good ‘learn-while-there-is-fun’ experience in my journey”-I said, while shaking hands with her before bidding adieu.

 Inspiration for writing my thoughts comes only in the wake of unraveling a true instance about people. It motivates me to write while I discover old wine in new bottle. It was truly very amusing to learn the observations of Swami Vivekananda who once taught that the law of gravity was there before it was discovered; only the poor discoverer had no knowledge about that. The poor mortals loaded with mundane grieves were charmed by his discovery because they were poorer or poorest in their perceptivity. Kate my female acquaintance in the train was unaware that the show she was enacting in the train to be within the eye slots was nothing in comparison to the swishing of our heroines in the Hindi movies. Dear Kate, be aware of them, else you will lose all your boy friends.

 Please think of the NEW YEAR in the above context!!!

 The emperor Akbar had a famous buffoon named Birbal. Akbar had thirteen hundred wives and concubines to his credit. Each woman that he married used to be gifted with one night of love-making. Finally one day Akbar’s eyes caught sight of the daughter of Birbal.

 “What a pretty face! Who is she? – He was swept off his feet while he asked.

 “She is my daughter, my lord”- Birbal replied being completely dismayed.

 “Then why the hell, have you kept her at home? Tomorrow you bring her to my palace and I will marry her”- The famous emperor commanded.

 Birbal the man so famous for his wit and humors was flabbergasted to see the heartlessness of the man whom he had so dedicatedly served for such a long time. He went home and sat crying.

 His daughter noticed him in such miserable plight and was at pains while she inquired-“Father, what happened”? On learning the truth behind her father’s tears, she sighed as she asked her father to invite the emperor to their home for food and warmth. Thanks God that she was endowed with the same razor sharp wit like that of her father.

 Akbar, while learning this was very pleased and told Birbal – “Just see how happy your daughter is? She immediately asked me to come to your house to serve me. It must be very pleasing for her. What if she is only sixteen and I am at least three times older than her? Age does not matter”.

 The emperor while he set his foot in the household of Birbal, he saw the latter’s daughter ready with a plateful of lemons. The lemons were painted with different hues.

 “What’s this” –the emperor shouted?

 “Lemons, my lord, see each of them is a woman carrying a different color of the skin, but all of them are same.”-She said.

 Well an astute person like Akbar stopped there as he was very perceptive. He realized that the girl was trying to tell him that femaleness is comparable to the juice of lemons. If you go to the extremeness of squeezing them then the taste shall be …….what?

 Well, he backed off from the idea of marrying the sweet sixteen lass of Birbal.

 Dear friends, the ever appearing “every year” occasions of New Year, if they are kept on a plate with the difference only in number of time, resembling the colored lemons on the plate of Birbal’s daughter ,then what will you perceive?

 Please apply some sense and I hope all the New Year bash and parties shall stop.

 Bhagirathi my buddy saint in the monastery sent me two SMS messages before this New Year eve, which I reproduce below;

 (a) NEW YEAR- an imagination. New-each moment if mind is silent. With this truth, live your life friendly, peacefully and sharing. Don’t mind, please smile, because the moments are forever new?

(b)   My DEAR, we are 31st DECEMBER & 2nd January. How are we inferior to your New Year? Think on these things. Enjoy us too. Live life friendly, peacefully and cooperatively.

 I guess you understand the wisdom behind his words. Thank you if you do.


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