Ghosts in the castle

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“Have you seen the ghosts”-The boy in denim jeans asked his grandfather?

“Yes, of course, plenty of them, I have in my castle”- The octogenarian replied.

“Name a few”- The five years old insisted?

“Hmm……there are six of them”-The old man had said.

“Just now you said that there are plenty, now you say six”-The boy cried?

“Well they have their offspring”-The elderly man explained.

“Are they perilous”-The innocent little one queried?

“Yes, too much”-The grandfather said.

“Tell me their story”- The boy said while sitting on the knees of his grandfather. His face showed palpable fear.

The old man fell in a hush. Words poured out of his mouth only when he was again shaken by his boy.

“Tell me Grandpa….how they are”-The boy said pulling the old man’s chin?

The old man thumped the back of the kid and inquired-“What do you want to know about them”?

“Their nature and would they come and kill us”- The boy answered?

“Just hear from me the nature of the first ghost. He appears from the thin air .All the famous six are friends. One brings the latter and the latter brings the other and the other gets the rest”-The old man said in a sigh.

He continued-“The first one has a strange nature. It appears when there is an illusionary attachment to it. It leads you to the hell-a strange place without any exits. It pulls you like an insect falling prey to flames of fire. You die with a sigh feeling  that your life is such a waste.”

“What is its name”-The grandson asked impatiently?

“Wait till I finish telling everyone’s nature”-The grandpa replied.

The next one has a fiery nature. It transpires, being slightly provoked. It makes you act without any sense. You do heartless and senseless things. You get possessed by it. You beat the innocents to death. You abuse the loved ones unnecessarily. Such is the nature of
the dreaded second one.

They all are friends, who stay in the castle being friends and destroy you to the worst extent.

The third ghost is very peculiar. When it comes and settles in your being you become a grabber from a giver. Every penny in other’s pocket appears tempting. You don’t rest until you grab it.

“It does what”- The grandchild queried?

“You run after dangerous liaisons, ultimately die a miserable death. Every thing becomes very tempting when you are smitten by the third ghost. But that every temptation is an illusion, before killing you it gives you infamy.”-The octogenarian said.

“Is the fourth one more macabre”-The five year old asked as he shivered?

“Yes, it is. It stays in a container. Have you not heard about the ghost in the bottle?” The old one concurred.

The old man went on-“You lose your sense once it trick fully goes down your throat. Never open the cap of the bottle. Once it is opened it enacts itself and enters through your throat. It makes you diseased, penniless; finally you die being a beggar”.

The little one watched the words of the old octogenarian, virtually speechless in fear.

“And the fifth one is very delicate, yet beautiful. It simply deludes others at first by a very cogent bond. It is just like a mirage in a desert. You run after it as the person in thirst goes after water. Finally you run out of every iota of energy, being trapped. Being just after a misconception, you breathe your last.”-The old man explained.

“Is the last ghost more horrible”- The boy asked with his mouth agape.

“It is the most terrible: the master in the group”-The old one said.

“What it does”-The boy queried? His curiosity was rising.

“Once it enters you, it gives a strange feeling to you about yourself. You imagine that you are great. Have you not heard about the mother frog, which was possessed by this sixth ghost? Her children had by chance got an outer view of the world; beyond the periphery of the well wherein they stayed. They came rushing to their mother and told her that they had seen things bigger than her. She disbelieved what the children had said and started bloating herself. She stopped breathing and wanted if she was bigger than the things that they had seen. While the children refused she tried harder and expired while her heart stopped”-The old man replied.

“Have the ghosts ever had any names. Where do they abide. Is their castle far off”-The boy said trembling?

“No they live very near to us.”-The old one said.

“The first one is known as ‘Kama’, meaning lust. The second demon is named as ‘Krodha’, meaning anger. The third ghost is called ‘Lobha”, implying greed. The fourth one is rechristened as ‘Sura or Madha’, implying any kind of addiction to drugs, alcohol and smoking. The fifth beautiful one is called ‘Moha’ creating unnecessary attachments.
It means attachments per se. The last horrible ghost is called ‘Masta’, which means egotism”- The mouth of the old fellow completed explanation.

“But where on earth do they stay”-The boy insisted on knowing?

“The castle is our body. The room where they stay is our mind. The six of them are very dangerous”- The old man said.

“Is there a ghost buster, ready with the spells to drive away the gang”-The child tried to know?

“You are the ghost buster. Your conscience is the only spell. You can dare to chase them away by being conscious of them. Once you are aware of their evil nature they will remain far away from you. Your being-your castle shall be the most decent place on earth to live”-The old man kissed the cheeks of the child as he finished.

The child hugged his grandpa as he was lifted and taken to the courtyard to watch the full moon.

Srikanta Mohanty, MBA (Symbiosis)
BDA COLONY,Bhubaneswar-751002.



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