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“Positive thinking” is the key to success. So everybody should be positive. These sentences containing buzzwords of positivism are very often doing rounds in the academic circles and columns of various newspapers, magazines and do come alive in the discussions. However we may try to cast the world in the mould of positivism again it gets catapulted in the turmoil of negativity. Of late I saw a Hindi movie, where the hero always advised others in the moments of tension-‘buddy, be positive’. Finally when the show came to an end and he was inquired-“Sir, what is be positive”. The hero quipped-“blood group”.

 Greek philosophy has a famous saying. It says-“life is the gift of God, but beautiful living is the gift of wisdom”. What is the wisdom of living? Let’s make a post-mortem of these saintly words-“Be positive”. We understand that is concerned with our thinking. Thoughts must be positive. Here, another proverb in Oriya literature advises-“please try not to talk sense in the din of a vegetable market”. In a hyper busy world today, in the fumbling of a rat race, literally creating a shadow of vegetable market, how do you hope to keep your thoughts positive? If the thoughts veer away from positivism, actions cannot be positive. So positive thinking is over coating with a touch of ‘feel good’ or ‘be good’ hue on a mindset, which is in a state of decadence.

 One female, namely Happy complained that she was feeling nausea if she stood before the idol of God in the temple. Everybody snapped back at her with a vexed frown and asked-“why”? She explained within her sobs-“why God has made me such a sufferer? I have been seeking HIS grace since my childhood. But what has HE made of my life”? Actually Happy was complaining about her estranged marriage with a boy, who was a software engineer and due to the rough conditions in the recession he had lost his job. Happy was separated a few weeks after her conjugal union and even she did not have the privilege to spend a day with her husband at his workplace. She was forced to live a life with her parents after being shunted out from her father-in-law’s house.

 One curious listener asked Happy as to whom she worshipped before her marriage and was SHE a Goddess. Alas! Happy appeared perplexed and ran towards the listener and fell at his feet, beseeching –“Sir, how do you know? Please tell me.” Indeed she was worshipping Goddess for a long time to marry a boy, who must be a Software engineer. The reason was all of her friends in the University were married in the so called Software community and were either having foreign jaunts or staying in U.S. very happily. Goddess was pleased at the devotion of Happy and the marriage was settled with a suitable boy in Software, who was waiting in the wings to go to U.S. on a project for six months. But then came the recession, dreams went sour and the suitable boy received his termination letter. The boy was shattered, but stayed back at his workplace in the metro. His job search was on, but poor Happy, she was lamenting on the death of her happiness. She told the listener that it was all the fault of the Dasa(period) in the horoscope of her husband.

 When dreams go awry, everybody keeps on blaming something or other, ultimately an inquiry is launched to find out who did what?

We catch at others’ mistakes but as it is well said that when you point one finger at somebody three fingers will remain pointed at you. We receive three charges if we charge somebody once. That brings the worst of sorrow.

 The listener asked Happy to remain far off from reactions. He explained-“My dear girl, if a dog is hit on its leg, it cries miserably. But it walks pulling his lame leg along with his other legs. Next day you find the dog on the same street, leg in the same painful condition, but no wailing .It is ready for the day to live its usual life. But what happens to a human being if he is hit in one leg. At least two persons are needed to carry him to a hospital, one doctor and nurse to bandage or plaster the leg and then when he is brought home, he needs to stay under the careful watch of his family members and be helped in every thing till his leg is healed. Mean while relatives, friends and well wishers turn up with fruits, sweets and flowers to ask what happened? Then the show does not end there-the final act is enacted in perpetuity. Even though the leg is alright, but the psychological trauma remains. Very often we see people who once had their legs or hands broken, keep on massaging the place where it fractured”.

 Is a beast more resilient than a human? Carrying the psychological traumas till the death is the nature of every human being. How positive thinking can manifest within us when you remain mired in the traumas of the past?

 So the listener told Happy-“My dear girl, wake up and be conscious” Consciousness begets the sense to live in the present. Think of your own self. Difficulties call for a soul search, not just blaming people and your destiny and God. Remain absorbed in your self. Like every fleeting thing, grief shall pass away.

 Our famous saint Kabir once queried –“Oh, humans, why keep running from one place to another for solace, when yours much-needed is only treasured within you?”

Positivism is stored within us. Once you think of your beautiful self it will automatically come alive. Think of the ordeals your self has successfully overcome. The days when you received a prize, won a race, stood first in a competition, got the loving hugs of your parents for your success. Little memories will stir up the winner’s emotions within you. You will march ahead.

 A rejuvenated Happy listened ‘smiled in her tears and parted company with a promise to live.

Srikanta Mohanty,


Kapila Prasad BDA Colony,Bhubaneswar-751002



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