Save lots of money on skin care – Make it yourself!

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I myself have spent many, a lot of money on various beauty products. But then I got the advice that I could create them myself. Most products can easily be replaced with things I already have in the fridge. I have been experimenting, and here is a mix of my best recipes for facial skincare.

Healthy skin with homemade skin tonic
Instead of animal skin tonic, I’ll make a pot of good organic chamomile tea, which I pour into bottles when it cools down. the camomile tea has a relaxing and calming effect on the skin. It is also good for sensitive skin.

Skintonic of cucumber
Grate a cucumber into a bowl, wet sieve a few times, and pour it in a container. Then you’re ready. It must be kapt the refrigerator and will keep for 2 weeks. Easy and natural.

Renew your skin with apple juice
A brilliant tip to rapidly innovate and refresh the skin, the apple juice. Yes, maybe it sounds a bit crazy, but it removes the dead skin cells. Mix 50%  apple juice with 50% water in a spray bottle. Keep the bottle in the refrigerator and spray it on your face during the day (works best without makeup on).

Cheap and effective all-in-one cleaner
4 camomile tea bags. (camomile decinfisere and soothe)
250 ml boiling water.
1. tsp atamon (So it will not rancid)
2. tsp Glyserin (softens skin)
3. tsp Chlorhexidine 0.2% (disinfecting)

Boil water and pour the tea over the teabags into a cup, and let it sit until the water is cold.
Then pour the other ingredients in an empty bottle and fill it up with the water from the tea.
I have compared this combination with other All-in-one’s and this is fully in line with them. 

Remove eye makeup
I use olive oil on a dampened cotton ball to remove eye makeup. It is much cheaper in the long run, than the expensive products that can be bought. And then it’s a natural product, which is good for the eyes and skin. 

Get rid of pimples
Do not buy expensive beauty products. If you have oily skin, use lemon and yeast. If your skin is dry, use honey and yeast. Mix them together and use them directly on the pimple. This will dry them out and make them dissapear.

Naturally beautiful eyes in the morning
Are your eyes and thick completely closed in the morning, do not buy expensive eye ointments. You buy a celery, peel and boil 250 grams in 2 dl. water for approx. 20 min. Put the mass on the skin as an eye cream. After doing this daily, you can, after 4-5 days, feel a clear difference. The swelling around the eyes are gone. it works. 

Cucumbers eliminate puffy eyes
My mother is struggling with some problems with swollen eyes. It makes her look sick. And she is not.

You take a couple of cold cucumber slices and lay on the eyes. Lie down on the couch and relax for ten minutes.

If you do not have cucumbers, you can also take a couple of cold chamomile the bags and put them on the eyes – also approx. 10 minutes.

After this treatment, the swelling goes down – and you look “normal” again.

Make your own facial mask

Make your own facial mask by blending avocado with a little sour cream. Your skin is left soft and supple. Good, cheap and nourishing for your skin.
Another good facial mask consists of sour cream and grated cucumber, feels refreshing.

Cheap facial scrub
Buy a bottle of organic almond oil. Add a little salt, rub in small circular movements with your fingertips on the face. Let it sit for a while, wash off with lukewarm water and your skin will be soft, clean, and the blood circulation is activated.
 You can rub a lot of oil into the face and hands in the evenings for the winter season, so you get rid of dry and irritated skin. One bottle of oil, will last for a full year. 

Yoghurt works on both dry skin and dry hair
Especially when it is hot and dry in the air, I believe that skin and hair can dry out. It really is laborious, especially since it costs so much money in cream and shampoo. But one of my good friends who works as a beautician, told me that instead can use the Greek yoghurt.

You distribute yoghurt in the entire face – indeed, like a face mask. Use plenty. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then you wash it all off with water.

You can also put it in your hair instead of using shampoo – it has the same effect.

Lip Care
We all know it, dry lips, and they do not look pretty. Then take a soft toothbrush, and brush easily over lips. Then take 2 tbsp. nivea cream, or another thick unscented cream and 1 tbsp. honey. Put it on your lips after brushing, and your lips will be soft, beautiful and have a sweet smell of honey. 

Bleach your teeth with baking soda
Previously, it cost a fortune to get your teeth bleached. But not following this advice.
Wet your toothbrush, and gently pour a little baking soda on it. Then you brush your teeth for about 3 minutes and then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Then brush your teeth with regular toothpaste. After a few weeks, the bleaching is visible.

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