CARING: Bigger than the Big C

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Two of the most essential members of the health care team are the physician and the nurse. The former varies in certain ways with that of the later. Traditional medicine learned by doctors in medical schools has taught them to deal with signs and symptoms, the chief complaint, and eventually the diagnosis of the disease. Medical problems are tackled by means of a decision tree which they call clinical guidelines. Also, medical literature and books have been the “recipe books” on which they base their subsequent treatment and decisions.

Is there anything wrong with this kind of approach? If there is, then what happens to the patient? Medical schools have taught doctors to perceive the patient as a diseased entity, a symptom, a diseased organ system, or , worst of all, equate them to mere room numbers in the hospital. They somehow overlook the “human” aspect of the being infront of them.

Perhaps it is time for a little reassessment. Unless they change their focus to patient care instead of “patient cure”, they may be unable to keep steps towards a more meaningful form of medical practice, personally, I think they have to view the patient as a human being first and foremost, a sentient being who needs emotional nurturing almost as much as he needs physiological soundness. Maybe then, as physicians, they can create a bigger difference in their profession. This is especially apt when a physicaian takes in a terminally ill patient, wherein doing interventions just as a nurse would truly make a difference.

Our country has a multitude of heroes and role models. They may not have made it to media very often, nor do they have plans of doing so. Who then are these unsung heroes? The nurses, of course.  It is more than enough that they get the chance to inspire the people they work with and for, and leave indelible marks in their lives even within fleeting moments. In fact, they seldom fully appreciate the impact of their service because practicing their profession already engulfs their lives with so much meaning, and every undertaking becomes a labor of love. With every happy and grateful patient that goes, they themselves become elated and thankful.  The service they provide is the kind they would give to themselves, thus they often risk life and limb for their patient.

It takes a lot to be efficient nurse. Indeed, such a nurse finds joy in caring for others beyond a cloud of doubt. The truest sense of the nursing profession is securing contentment and fulfillment while caring for and dealing with the swarms of patients a nurse comes in contact with throughout his or her career.

The filipino nurse is a true source of pride of  of the philippines. He or she possesses the attributes that will pilot us to greater heights and steer us to better directions. He or she not only is intellectually and technically equipped, but also has passion and dedication for his or her chosen field of work.

Every patient has a story to be unfolded, he recounts this tale when he consults with the physician, who in turn, simply responds with a perfunctory prescription or through a surgical procedure. However, why are there patients who are treted more effectively thank others?

The right kind of care might just have something to do with their speedy recovery. When a nurse caters to his patients’ concerns, they not only receive treatment through medications, but also through the therapeutic communication and patient-nurse interaction. If doctors are disease-centered, nurses will always have to be client-centered.

Even if state-of-the-art-technology and scientific breakthroughs may be able to do wonders to a patient’s health, there are things that may still meave him unwell which does not concern his body parts. Illness can erode his emotional well being, too. In this case, capsules, vials, or even surgical intervention become futile. During these this times, perhaps all it would take to heal him completely is a warm touch, a listening ear, and genuine caring and compassion.



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