Aching to Break

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My heart beats slowly

unwilling to stop,

I wish the pain would end.

The thoughts would drop.

I can feel it aching,

in every crevice of my being.

Mind, body, soul

all over I’m bleeding.

I try to cry out,

but the pain is overwhelming.

Kill me now,

nothing could be worse than this feeling.

This poem was inspired today when I found out that my grandmother has lost the will to live. She says she has nothing more to live for. I pray that she is saved and will go to heaven where she belongs, but am scared that she will not because when I try to talk to her she attempts to blow it off. So because I have nothing more that I can do, but be supportive and try to not let her see my heart breaking as she lies there depressed, helpless, motionless, and in pain I will pray. I have commited to praying daily, until the day she departs from our world, and moves on to the place God has set for her.

I ask you all to pray with me. Help save this angel’s soul. I fully believe that God has a special place set aside especially for her in His Kingdom, and would not send her to an evil place. I know that He will make sure that she has heard the Truth before He takes her out of this world and places her in His own. Thank you for praying along with me, I am more greatful than you know! God bless you!

This is dedicated to Ruth Reynolds of Keokuk, Iowa. Without her I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today. I love you grandma, more than you know.


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