Dogs: Members of our Family

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My auntie brought me a dog as a Christmas present and that was i guess five or six years ago. I didn’t really have a good impression about dogs since i find them wild and they scare me with their big mouth! Although she gave me a very cute puppy, it never changed my perceptions… My parents named him Goliath.

Two years after, another dog came to the family. It was given by my uncle… such a lovely puppy, chubby and with a nice thick golden hair. He looks the same as Goliath but only a bit smaller… We called him Doggie!

They really look good together and they are bring joy to the family. As years passed by, These dogs had been part of the family and they are treated as members of the family and i find them cute wiggling their tails when someone arrives at home… thay bark a lot and plays with us… People are a bit scared of them because of their huge size and i a very much thankful that we left them at home because there was one time when someone tried to enter our house but wasn’t able to because of them. The sad part is that Goliath had been hit by something sharp. He’s had his eyes swolen and reddish. We were a bit worried but eventualy, he got better.

We owe them a lot. they saved our house from those people. It is now that I realized that I used to hate them but now, I consider them the best pets I ever had.

It breaks my heart to hear those news about people killing those mungrills. I do think that these animals do deserve some respect since we should value life in general. We should learn to treat these creatures with much love and care. As much as possible, we do not mistreat them.


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