Grow Great Tomatoes

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When growing inside, tomato plants will require a great deal of light. Set the plants on a sunny south facing window or supply the plants with plenty of artificial light. When planting the tomatoes outdoors, choose the sunniest areas as possible. They must have 8-10 hours a day of direct sunlight in order to thrive well. This would also apply to artificial light however plants do much better in real sunlight.

Tomato plants and seeds can be planted after the threat of frost has passed. They prefer well drained and highly organic soil with a pH level between 6 & 7. Be sure to water the plants slowly and deeply to promote a strong root system. Mulching is very important with the care of tomoto plants and is critical in producing a high yield of tomotos. Red Pine Mulch is one of the best.Use organic compost around the base of the plants. Tomato cages are handy for plants that are still too weak to stand on their own. Once the plants begin to develop fruit, add fertilizer to the soil and around the base of the plants. Fertilize your tomato plants every 2 -3 weeks for best growing results. Be sure to give the tomato plants enough water so the leaves do not begin to wilt but at the same time be careful not to over-water.

Be sure to harvest your tomatos as soon as they become bright red and can easily be removed from the stems. This will allow for new tomatos to be started.


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