Super Bowl XLIV in Miami New Orleans vs. Indy Pick

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The Super Bowl is just around the corner in Miami and the Colts and Saints have both qualified with championship game wins in the AFC and NFC, respectively.

The predictions should pour in during the next couple weeks as head towards the biggest game of the season, and while it’s a bit early, it still doesn’t mean they’re not fun to take a stab at.

The Saints and Colts should make their Super Bowl XLIV matchup highly entertaining especially because of their top-notch QB’s in Drew Brees and Peyton Manning along with their incredible offenses.

But what will the Super Bowl in Miami come down to and who will win between the Colts and Saints?

Super Bowl XLIV Colts vs. Saints Game Prediction

The Saints had a rough go of it against the Vikings, needing a ton of turnovers to win in OT.

The Colts meanwhile handled the Jets, a team with a rookie QB on the road and an inferior team.

The Colts have a momentum advantage right now but that will change by the time the rust of the two-week wait for Super Bowl XLIV hits.

The Colts’ offense is a bit more timing-based than the Saints in the passing game which is big for this Super Bowl.

If the timing is off for Favre and co. a bit, the opportunistic Saints defense can end up with a few good turnovers to turn the tide.

The Saints also have a straight-ahead running game that should work well against the fast Colts D that has a slight problem overpursuing at times and if the Saints execute in the running game that could make all the difference.

Saints vs. Colts Super Bowl Final Prediction: Saints win, 27-24, based on how the teams look now as we’re still two weeks out and injuries could happen.


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