We Are Just Genes & We Exist and Therefore Be

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In ecstasy
Of pangs and pains
And of pleasure
In umbilical bondage
To love and hate
Carving out a niche
In the warmth
Of mother’s womb
Is born in double helix
The virtue and vice
Of chromosomes

In pairs of twenty-two
Plus one
As if out of nothing
Something comes alive
In the stillness of darkness
In genotypes
Of unique oneness
And in varying phenotypes
Of diversity in unity
As if in the double helix
Of primordial soup
In a cosmic bowl

And that is life
In heredity of antecedence
Merging with the sounds
Of dusts and ashes
Drumming in resounding gongs
And that is life in chromosomes
Of Twenty-two plus one
Pairing in precedence
Of selfish genes
That count the moments
In eternity of a human soul

And virtue and vice
Held together
As if in umbilical bindings
To soar high and sinking low
In abiding web of life
In a microcosm of its own
Voicing chromosomal truths
In golden strings of lyre
And with the genesis of wisdom
In genes of bold, beauty and beasts.


I think who I am
What I am here for in this wonderland
What is there between you and me
Wherefrom we have come to this circle of reason
I think what you are to me
And why I have been thrown into this orb of wilderness
I do not know what why I am in quest of a cosmic soul
What are you to play the rule of the game
You ask your knowledge what you cannot think
As I ask my conscience how to reach beyond the consequence
We do not know what is to be and what is not to be
We do not know ourselves as we think we are strangers
As if we are strangers to one and all wandering
We all wander suffering the pains of existence all alone
You never know when my wandering thoughts will cast spell over you
Our thoughts flow like torrential rains knowing no bounds
Still we do not know what to think aloud and wordless
Wordless thoughts we speak aloud when we do not know what to do
Still we think and there be, thoughts we die and there be
We think, therefore we exist and there be.


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