Should you go to law school

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Is law school worth it at all? Should you go to law school? Law school is great but you should keep in mind the six figure debt that you will have when you get out of college. I think a lot of lawyers don’t like their debt. They like their job but they don’t like their debt. If you have money then it’s alright but if you’re trying to get a loan for law school then it might not be worth it. It might take you four years or six years to get rid of your debt.

Law school is great but you have to consider all of the competition out there too. There is a lot of competition. There are lawyers everywhere. New graduates have to move to a new state to even work. If you look around your state, there are too many lawyers out there. You might be able to find work if you’re passionate about the laws. You might be able to open your own office but it’s difficult to flow with all of the competition around you.

Law school is not hard and anyone can pass law school but when you’re out, you might not be able to find work steadily. A lot of lawyers hate their jobs when they actually report to work. They have to do a lot of paper work and many people hate writing. A good part of a lawyer’s job is paper work and it’s boring. Many lawyers quit their job and end up doing something else because they don’t like it. You have to really ask yourself if you will like your job and if you want the six figure debt after college.


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