Vietnamese nightclubs in Orange County California

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If you’re Vietnamese and you’re coming to Orange County, there are many nightclubs there. It’s fun to go clubbing here. The nightclubs are open almost every single day of the week. It’s open from Wednesday to Sunday. It’s fun here in OC. The nightclubs are always crowded with many young and hip goers. You will meet a lot of people here. The clubs here safe for the most part if you don’t know anyone here. If you know them, you might run into some trouble. There are fights sometimes but only if you are involved in those fights.

You can go to Can on Westminster and brook Hurst. Can is a club for young people mostly. They only play hip hop and dance music. It’s for people who are 21- 45. They also have an 18 and over on Friday night and its Latino night there. You will see a lot of Latinos there on Friday night. It’s fun there on Friday night. On Saturday and on Sunday, you will have Vietnamese night. On Sunday, it’s the best night there. It’s usually very crowded on Sunday. There are many goers. The club is packed with young and hot people. There are live singers. You will see singers like Than Le and some regulars there. They’re not famous but they’re young and hot girls. It’s more like show girls than singing. They have strippers there on Sunday. They’re American strippers. The cover charge is around $10 and more.

Another hot lounge is called Leon lounge. It’s fun there on the weekend. Many people go there to listen to music and dance. It’s usually is packed there every weekend. It’s for 21 and over. They’re mostly young here. The cover charge is free. Another hot nightclub is Shark. Shark is located in Costa Mesa. Vietnamese night or Asian night is on Friday. Its fun there on Friday night. There are many goers and the music is hot. It’s usually is very crowded. People preferred Shark the most in OC. Majestic is another club for Vietnamese people. You can go there on almost any day of the week. There is usually shows and live music from famous singers. You will love it. This is a fancier nightclub.


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