Drink That Water!

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There is so much more to water than a way to quench your thirst without consuming calories.

Water works magic on all the systems in your body.

From aiding digestion to helping rid your body of infection, water is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Here are some things that water can do for you:

Water can help heartburn or mild gastric reflux. Water will neutralize the amount of acid in your stomach.

Water can help your food digest properly. It helps the food break down in a timely manner and also moves waste normally through the intestines. It can help hydrate your body if you have diarhea . It can also soften stools, if you are constipated.

Water is also good for your heart. It lowers blood pressure. Water keeps your blood from getting too thick. When your blood doesn’t have enough water it gets sticky and will adhere to the walls of your arteries. This will cause your heart to have to pump harder to get the blood moving through your arteries. So, you get high blood pressure.

If you have high cholesterol, drinking water will thin the blood and also help those levels to go down also.

Water helps get rid of infection. If you are congested, drinking plenty of water with thin your mucus making it easier to expell.

Water helps pass or prevent kidney stones.

Water will help flush out a urinary tract infection.

Water will lower your blood sugar.  Water dilutes sugar in your blood and flushes it from your body. If your blood glucose levels are only slightly elevated this could prevent you from going down the path to full blown diabetes.

Water is also good for your muscles. Drinking can prevent muscles from cramping up.

By drinking plenty of water, we can prevent many ailments and having to rely on medications.

It is recommended that we drink 6 – 8 eight oz. glasses of water per day. Drink more if you are a larger person or exercise a lot.

So drink up!


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