Why do famous people die so young

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Why do famous people died so young? I’ve been following the trend and I saw that a lot of young celebrities died at a young age. Why do they die so young? They said that the good die young but I think there are other factors too like drugs use. A lot of celebrities use drugs and that’s why they die. Drugs use would cause an overdose and you would die. I think that drugs are harmful and you should not use drugs if you want to live until you’re 80.

What have we learn from Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith? They all die from drugs overdose. Yes, you will die from drugs overdose. Drugs are not made for the human bodies. Drugs are like anti-freeze in cars or acids in cars batteries. Drugs are like bathroom cleaners. They’re only good for the bathroom or the cars but not for the human bodies. It can be poisonous or can cause you to stop breathing or cause your heart to fail. It can also cause you to lose consciousness. There are many ways that drugs can harm a person. This is why they’re illegal. They’re illegal because they’re harmful.

We keep seeing young, beautiful, talented celebrities die. It’s a waste of talent and they’re wealthy too. What a waste of talent and youth? It’s all done by drugs. I don’t know who will be next. Look at a lot of singers; they’re all heavy in drugs. They will die soon if they don’t stop. There are some singers that can’t sing anymore due to heart problems from drugs use. It can happen to you. I think a lot of celebrities just don’t care. Today, we saw DJ AM died and he’s so young. I really hope that all of these young celebrities would look at their drugs use behavior. It’s harmful and you can skip it. All that talent and money, you should be drinking juice and water.


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