Why you should not post duplicate content on your site

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If you have a social website, your website might suffer from low traffic if you have a lot of duplicate content. There is a lot of content website online nowadays. If your users bring over the same articles from other websites, you will suffer from duplicates content. This is why some website has really low traffic. Search engines like goggle will not give duplicates content a chance. They will only pick the original website that has the content and all after will suffer from duplicates content. Your website gets penalized for having too much duplicates content. If you have all duplicates, they might ban you from the search engine.

You can change your website tos to make it more search engine friendly. You can request your writer to write original content only and they can’t repost articles from other websites. This will create more unique content for your website and more traffic will come to you. You can also request that they can only repost after they have given you the original version. When they post at your site first, all other sites will be penalized afterward.

If you’re a bog owner, it’s important that all of your posts are original. If you copy content from free to use site, your site will suffer from duplicates and you won’t have much traffic from search engines. It’s important to keep all of your posts original. It’s not a good idea to use free to use content because you will be penalizing for having duplicate content. Search engine don’t like duplicates. They tried hard to eradicate all duplicates. Duplicates content will make their search result messy. You want to have all original content.


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