Why love hurts sometimes

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Love can really hurt sometimes. Recently on the news, the death of a swimsuit model and her husband really validates it. They were on a thrill and then it ended all in one week. This is the case with love. People would do a lot of unimaginable things when they’re jealous or hurt. It’s a pride thing sometimes too and that was the case with the recent slaying of the swimsuit model. There are other possible reasons and we don’t know. There could also be a third person involved as reported by the news.

However, women need to be careful when they’re getting into a relationship and then breaking up one. When you break up, they can go after you.  A lot of men stalk. They can’t accept the fact that you’re leaving. They will go after you. Not that many men will go after their exs but some do. I have had several stalkers and they were really frightening. I was running and hiding most of the time from them. I got stalk. It wasn’t funny. They would search for me and look me up and find me in public places. Yes, there are men that will stalk you. It’s not fun but they will stalk you.

This is why you need to be careful when breaking up with them. You should never let them know that you’re breaking up to get with another person. This will strike jealously and you will be the target. You should never let them know that you’re marrying someone else. When they hear of another person, they will want to revenge you. They do revenge and it’s not a joke. Your safety is important. When you’re breaking up, you might as well cite that you’re having difficulty in your relationship but never say that you’re moving on with another person or that you’re cheating. You should never mention anyone else. You should do it in a way that they won’t be jealous. If they’re jealous, they will go after you. You have seen it many times. For example, the OJ Simpson case. It can be really bad. You have to break up without hurting their ego.
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