Job hunting mistakes that you don’t want to make

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Are there job hunting mistakes in this kind of recession? Yes, there are. You could be making mistakes and it could cost you a job opportunity. I remembered making many mistakes when I moved to a new city. I didn’t realize that in Las Vegas, they required you to have many cards before you can work a certain job. If you’re a cocktail waitress or a bartender, you will have to carry three different kinds of cards before they will hire you. I didn’t have one card and I couldn’t apply for those jobs so I was limited by those cards. Las Vegas will not hire you if you don’t have 6months to one year of experiences in the casino world. If they don’t see the 6months or the one year, they won’t hire you. If you don’t have the experiences, they won’t hire you.

Here in Vegas, they won’t hire you for some positions if you’re not the model type. If you’re not a model, you might as well not waste your time filling out job apps for model type seekers. These could be your mistakes. If a job requires a BS, and you don’t have one, they might not be able to hire you. If a job calls for three years of experiences and you don’t have them, they might not hire you. If a job favors men and you’re a woman, you might as well ignore it. If a job is for fixing car and you’re a woman, you should consider it really long before you apply for it because people will look at you like you might not get the job done.

There are work place discrimination but it’s just not on paper. People discriminate all the time even though it’s illegal. There are mean managers and there are managers that won’t hire you because they don’t like you. If you’re good, you will cross off those mistakes and look for something that suit your needs.
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