If you play, live music helps!

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If you play a music instrument, then going to see other musicians play live can help you learn. Sitting out in the crowd and watching a live  music performance gives you a new perspective on music. You really never know what you will learn from watching another performer. This can be a challenge if you are under twenty one years old. The bar scene is out in that case.  Watch your local newspaper for opportunities to see some one perform live.  Check around and ask. Here where I live we have a night club that holds almost all concerts that are all age open. If you just heard their adverts you would never realize it. The sales guy at the local ticket outlet is a great resource to ask for local all age attractions. Another possibility for the younger musicians is to watch recorded live performances. The public library is a great place to get these for free. Going to see a local band can make some really good local contacts for you as a musician. It gives you a chance to see your instrument being played by another performer which can be a good lesson in itself. It also can just be plain old fun to sit back and enjoy a live music performance Lots of the great guitarists of today started by listening and watching Chuck Berry doing a gig live! Lots of good musicians love to talk music with some one who is trying to learn too. Enjoy your music and have fun no matter what type of music you play!


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