Farmville Collectibles : The latest news from the farm

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Just as you got tired of the farming activities like ploughing and seeding, here comes a new thing to do on the farm. Start your own collection. There are at present four different types of collectibles that you can get. The guys at Zynga know how to keep a game going. Just check out the latest innovation on Farmville. Truly gaining Farmville mastery is not that easy.

The Gardening Tools

Here you have gloves, trovel, cultivator, twine, pruning saw and shears. The gloves need to be gifted from a friend. So when you get a pair make sure you return the favor with a thank you gift. The twine is supposed to come from the sheep but am yet to colelct any. The ploughing and harvesting does give you some of the other tools.

Country Kitsch

In this collection you have the needlepoint, spigot, pocket watch, salt shaker, thimble, and a cow bell. Again the needle point comes as a gift. The salt shaker was found during harvesting a crop. The cow bell is supposed to be found when you are milking the cows. So keep a look out for them and make sure you share the loot that you find with your friends.


I continue to surprise myself. While I’m sure I would never touch a real bug, I am now asking all my friend sto send over these virtual ones. You find the ladybug when you are helping out on your friend’s farms. The dragonfly and caterpillar again come as gifts. Am not too sure where to find the stick bug, although the beetle came from a friend’s farm again. The cenbtipede seems to come when you dig up some new fields.


The different types of feathers that you can collect are the green plume, hen feather, dapple plume, red feather, banded quill, and the blue feather. Again the green plume need to be gifted. You get the hen feather from your chickens and the dapple plume from your ducks. The red feather is found on a friend’s farm and the banded quil and blue feather need to come from either the turkey or the swans.

Hope you find all the information useful on the farm. See you in Farmville.


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