What does Bukisa mean ?

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Bukisa is a online publishing site to provide informational, eduacational or how-to content.  What does Bukisa mean? Bukisa is a Zulu word, a language of Zulu people (a largest South African ethnic group), this mean display. With Bukisa you can share your articles, presentations,videos, image slideshows and audio recordings. Bukisa do not require these are unique, but this must be your content. This mean you can repost your article at here, change some word and earn extra money. Bukisa allow up to 25 article post per day. If you have write for many years, this should be hundreds article in your blogs , you can share at here to get more readers.

How to get payment? Bukisa provide a Bukisa Index, every 1000 unique visit , you will receive a Bukisa index, if your Bukisa Index is 3.5 that mean you will receive 3.5$ per 1000 unique view. And they will pay you by Paypal when you reach 10$ at end of the month. This is not much, but if you have already your contents at another sites and share it for more people, this is great. And when you add some back link to your blogs, you can get some traffic back.

You can aslo increase your network by invite your friends , you family… to join with Bukisa. With three tiered referral system you can get from 1st person (25%), 2nd peson this person is invited by 1st person (6.25%) and 3rd person this person is invited by 2nd person(1.56%). This just like a exciting game, so you just ask them to join for fun.

Register for free Bukisa account at here

Some useful tips:

Your post must useful, and people like to read it. You can post a short sumary at relate forums to share for more people.

After post your article at Bukisa, you can get more traffic and extra income by repost your content at Xomba with Xombytes or Xomblurbs. Xombytes like a blog with you can post a post with min. 150 words and you can bookmarks your article at Xomburbs with short summary ( min. 50 words), get back link, share more and get some income if you had Google Adsens. Xomba is share 50/50 for Adsense Revenue of your post. Get start with Xomba at here .

And last but not leat, you can submit to more 20+ top search engines for free byPingates or Pingomatic( the link is below ).

You can get more readers and aslo some income to do all above steps.







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