Nintendo Dsi Membership Sites And The Benefits They Provide

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So you have just purchased or might already own the latest Nintendo Dsi game console. You will quickly find that buying games for the Dsi will cost you quite some money. The question now to ask is there a cheaper way?

Well, yes there is a cheaper way and here is how you get it.

Dsi membershipsites charge a once off joining fee. These fees are often no more then $30.00 for a six month term or $40.00 for lifetime access, depending on the package you buy.  That membership fee is often the price of one Dsi game.

Once you join your membership site you will see you have access to a database that contains well over 250,000 files for you to download. These files will consist of software, games, music and video. With the price of your membership you can download the whole database if you wanted to at no extra cost.

Membership sites are a once off fee. If they have available to the members a new game or latest blockbuster video, then it is their’s to download for NO extra cost.  This is the beauty of joining a membership site. You have access to everything for no extra cost. You do not have to pay anymore then your initial membership fee.

Once your a member, let’s say you wanted to play the latest Mario Bros game. You choose the game and download it to your computer. Then using a usb cable conected to your Nintendo you transfer the file. That is all there is to it.

Each download comes with detailed step by step instructions that are very easy to follow and makes every download a success. If, by the remote and unlikely chance something goes wrong, then you can email admin of the membership site and they will answer your questions.

There are two things that I like about joining the Nintendo membership club. The first is I have free unlimited downloads of games that I want to play. I download latest release games before they are available in my country Australia so often I am the first to play the game.

The second is, I can download music and video. Often downloading music and video from some sites can be illegal, but with your membership site you know your performing a legal activity and can never get into trouble.

One other thing I like about my Nintendo Dsi membership is that I feel safe that with each download I am not getting any Adware, Trojan’s or viruses. I am getting software just as if I bought it from the store.

If you have a friend who also owns a Nintendo Dsi, you can each pay half for the membership and both of you can then access the account. That then becomes half price and the unlimited downloads of games, music and video really does become free to you.

Your first download will immediately repay you the cost of your membership.

For more information visit Nintendo Dsi downloader.


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