Tips for Choosing a Housekeeping Service

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     One of the perks to having a significant disposable income is the opportunity to hire a maid. Whether you decide to hire the maid on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is a matter of personal choice. Before you make the important decision of having a maid it is crucial to examine specific questions including physical, legal, and financial.


 What will be the primary duties of the maid?
What are the maid’s qualifications?
How long has he/she/they been a maid?
Can he/she perform additional duties such as childcare for additional pay?
Will the maid work a full-time shift or will it be a split shift?-Example) 10 to 3pm then 5 to 8pm.
Will you use a single, independent maid or a maid service?
Will the maid work on a temporary basis before establishing a longer employment term?


Who will do the background check on the maid?
Does the maid/maid service have mininum of 3 to 5 recent references?
Are there enough copies of the employment contract including one for employer, one for employee, one of a maid service, if used, and one for employer’s lawyer?
Will the maid be considered an independent contractor or an employee?
Is the maid licensed/bonded depending on your state’s requirement?


What are the fees?
Will he/she be paid based by hour, day, or salary?
Is there reasonable compensation for days off/vacation/medical insurance?
Will additional duties be compensated via money or work-life perks such as extra day off?
Are the fees refunded if contractual obligations are not met within a predetermined time frame?
Will one additional bonus pay be given for one or two weeks notice? (nice perk)

This list is should be considered a guideline and questions may be added or deleted based on preference.


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