How Much Do You Know About Your Relationship?

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To love someone is a beautiful thing but when you really get to know that person better and it is not for the good it really cause you to feel stupid. You are constantly running in and out of relationships and in some small part of your brain you always think that the new relationship will better than the last, HEY! who knew you did’nt know how bogus the relationship would be? and of course who knew you didnt know how many times it would be bogus? When a person enters into a relationship and the person seems like they are to good to be true it feel so heavenly especially when they are trying so hard to convince you that it is really their everyday act but you know better than that, Until you start seeing and hearing the real truth and you honestly know in your heart that the story you’ve heard and the act you seen is more of the person than what you seen at the beginning of the relationship, but they have began to get comfortable with you and of course with your feelings so they take a gamble but you are always the one to crap out and more than once until you see right through the person and you have gotten tired. Finally giving up and moving on is what you now have to do just to keep your sanity, You began having a talk with yourself and questioning yourself about the relationship and what was it really for, And everything about the relationship you are always wondering about. I’m going to bring this to a close by stating that if a relationship has to be questioned at the end of the day then that’s exactly what the relationship was, A big question mark.


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