A Guide to Buying Bowling Shoes

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Did you ever try bowling in sneakers, knee high boots or high heel shoes? Forget about it, this will never happen. Not only is this unsafe where you can slip, fall or strain a muscle, the bowling alley attendants will not allow this. Besides from being unsafe, unauthorized shoes will markup and mar the approach lanes. If you attempt to wear anything other than bowling shoes, you will most likely be evicted from the bowling alley. The reason why bowling shoes are the only approved shoe is they protect the specially waxed floors. The bowling shoe is the most important factor to bowl a good game.

Bowling alleys offer shoes that people can rent for a few dollars. The chance that the center has your size is very likely. These are ideal for the occasional bowler who may hit the lanes a few times a year. However, since these shoes have a universal sole, they are useful to beginner bowlers. If you are interested in improving your game, these soles, whether they are too slick or have too much traction for your taste, may actually hinder your performance. Since these are community shoes, anybody can rent them. Just imagine renting a pair of shoes and catching athlete’s foot. Yuck!

While it is unlikely that you catch some type of foot fungus, you may want to consider buying a pair of bowling shoes. Even if you bowl a few times a year, the money you save from not paying the rental adds up.

In the past, outside of bowling alleys, it was difficult to buy bowling shoes. However, since bowling is more popular than ever different stores, such as sports clothing, accessory and shoe stores, have added bowling shoes to their product line.

There are two styles of bowling shoes. They are the athletic and performance shoes.

The athletic shoe looks and feels like a regular athletic shoe. However, it is made for bowling. The have a sliding sole on both shoes. This type of shoe is excellent for beginner and occasional bowlers.

The performance bowling shoe is ideal for those who want to improve their bowling score. The soles are different in a pair of these shoes. One shoe is used for sliding while the other is used for braking. Since the sliding shoe is worn on the foot that is opposite of the throwing hand, there are left handed bowling shoes and right handed ones.

Whether you are buying a pair of athletic or performance bowling shoes, make sure you get the right width. For example, if you have a wide foot, purchase a shoe that has a wide width. Do not get a shoe that is too light or too loose. They must have a snug fit. A wrongly fitted shoe can throw you off balance and hurt your performance.

You have to decide if you are going to rent bowling shoes or make an investment by purchasing your own pair. You are not done making decisions. You then have to decide if you are going to buy an athletic bowling shoe or a performance pair. After you check the grip, tread and comfort, there is only one more thing to look for: your favorite color and style.


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