Be Smarter With Your Ideas:8 Ways To Create New Ideas.

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Background Scriptures: Proverbs 4:5-9, 2 Cor.3:5, Deut.8:18

To be smart means to showing mental alertness, calculation and resourcefulness. To be characterized by quickness and ease in learning. To be capable of independent and apparently intelligent action. To be elegant, stylish and bold. Ideas rule the world, take care of the ideas God drops into your heart per time. There are great seeds to greatness you have been ordained for from the foundations of the earth.

Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Sochiro Honda, Barack Obama, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Mike Adenuga, and even you are products of Ideas. Every Year, the average human gets Four ideas, that can make him/her a millionaire but only 1% acts on these ideas, the remaining 99% don’t even do a thing about there ideas. What a pity. Ideas wait for no one, they are the brain child of the mind, ideas don’t come from ‘‘abroad’’ but are ‘‘in-board’’.


Specific: Be straight forward and defined and not clumsy or disorganised. They are “Know-what-you-want thing”.

Measurable:They have weight & direction so they are vectors quantities not scalar quantities. They are not a “Jack-of-all-trade-thing”.

Attainable: They are not fantasies, always achievable, even if not by the original owner. It’s not “an if-i-win-the lottery-thing”

Relevant: It must affect others positively in all ramifications. It is not an ‘‘if-like-it-only-thing’’.

Time Bound: They are not forever. There is a time for everything. Build on the idea God has given you. The idea is not a ‘‘till-i-am-ready’’.


  1. SPRITIUALLY: God is the author of ideas. Go to Him for ideas. ‘‘If there’s no God, then there’s no need to create one’’-Andrew Carnegie. If God gives an idea, the where withal to actualise it will come.
  2. CREATE YOUR OWN ATMOSPHERE: Study time, meditation time, idea hour, brainstorming session, worship/ praise session, early morning, evening etc. Create the best atmosphere where you can generate ideas.
  3. BE SOLUTION MINDED: Desire to make a difference. Think solutions, see problem as a challenge to make your mark. Be an optimist and not a pessimist.
  4. MEET NEEDS: Wherever you meet needs, great businesses are created and money is made. Meeting needs is the key and stepping stone to bigger things. Smell opportunities everywhere.
  5. ATTACH YOURSELF TO CREATIVE & POSITIVE MINDED PEOPLE: Step up your social structure, because the quality of your ideas depends and is determined by the first seven people in your life. Take responsibility for your friends and relationships.
  6. SEE GOOD MOVIES AND LISTEN TO MESSAGES:Astonishingly, they inspire, motivate and give you impetus see and do beyond the natural, believable and imaginable. God’s word will bring to the fore all your innate gifting, talents and ideas.
  7. READ, READ AND READ THE MORE: ‘‘There’s no difference between a man who can’t read and one who can read and doesn’t’’-Unknown. You will remain where you are five years from now but for the people you associate with and the books you read.
  8. GET INFORMATION & BE INFORMED: Browse the internet, get on facebook, and search for sites, tools, aids, messages, movies, e-books, etc online. Check out,, etc regularly for the latest around the world. The world is now a global village indeed.


Buy The Future- Mensa Otabil.

Ideas Rule The World- Sam Adeyemi.

Think & Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill.

Richest man In Babylon- Bob Clason.

Be The Best- Matthew Asimolowo.

Think Big- Ben Cason.

The Millionaire In You- Michael Lebouf.

Sign Posts To Success- E.W Kenyon.

Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren.

Principles & Power Of Vision- Myles Munroe


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