Tips for a healthy vegan diet

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Vegans are great people. They love animals and don’t want to eat meat. I’m the same way. I love animal and can’t eat meat at all. Every time I try to bite meat, a picture of the alive animal jump into my mind and I spit the food out. I’m an animal lover and chose not to eat meat for the sake of animals and morality. However, human have been eating meat for the last 14 billion of years. It’s just a personal choice. A vegan diet will help you to achieve great health and nutrition and you don’t have to worry about clogging your artery with animal fats because meats have so much fat in it. People should stay away from red meat as much as possible. They can replace it with fish because fish are extremely healthy with omega3 and 6 and they won’t clog your artery. Fishes are also less soulful animals. You can’t deny the fact that pigs, cattle and lambs have personalities.

One thing about being a vegan is that you know that you’re healthy already because of the tons of greens you’ve put in your body. If you have noticed most vegan have very good skin because of the fruits and vegetables they eat. Did you know that animal meats have so much bad toxin that are really toxic to you. This is so because when the animals are killed they are screaming and fighting in pain that a lot of bad toxins will be released and will stay in their meat and you’ll end up eating it. This is why animal meat is not healthy for you. Remember mad cow disease. Animals are sick sometimes and you’ll never know. Animals also carry a lot of bacteria and virus that still remain in their meat at the time we eat them. Therefore eating more vegetable is a good thing for your health.

I noticed that vegan looks a little frail and weak because fruit and vegetables do not give you the horsepower that meat gives you. This is why meat eater are more hyper, aggressive because of the animal hormone in their consumed meat. Vegan are a little frail and weaker. They can help increase their power by using supplements like multivitamin, fish oil and drinking energy drink. They can work out more.

Vegan will consume less amino acids and proteins in their diet because of non-meat diet. They are deficient in amino acid and protein from animal meat. They should find ways to replace this deficiency. They can take amino acids and proteins supplements. This will ensure that they get their nutrition facts right. They can tried eating yogurt, cheese, tofu, and cottage cheese to get some of their proteins. They can also get plenty of proteins from nuts. The best bet for a vegan to achieve all of his nutrition needs without eating meat is by taking supplements and drinking nutritional drinks. Energy drink will also have lots of vitamins and mineral that the vegan eaters need.


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