How to Add a Signature with a Background to Your Email

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Do you ever get tired of always having to type your signature at the end of every email message that you compose? Sure, it’s a small process, but if you send numerous emails every day, it can easily become repetitive and eat up your productivity over time. If you want, you can add your own signatures to your email account fairly easily, but have you ever received an email from someone who has a really awesome signature fancy text and a fancy background? Well you can create and add a signature with a background to your email account to ensure that you name is remembered by recipients of your emails.

Things You’ll Need

Email account

Signature with a background

Step 1

Create a signature with a background on your favorite word processing or image editing program. Many programs that come preinstalled on your computer, such as Microsoft Word or Paint work well. Select a font, font size and background for your signature. Copy and paste an image as your background if you wish, and then add your text atop the image. Save the file when you are satisfied with your creation.

Step 2

Login to the email account to which you wish to add the signature with the background, and click on “Options” to load your email options where you can customize your email options.

Step 3

Click on “Mail Options” and then “Signature” to load the screen where you can create your own signature.

Step 4

Open the signature that you just created on your computer and right click on the image and then select “Copy” from the drop-down menu that appears. 

Step 5

Right click inside the signature box located on the email account signature settings page, and select “Paste” in the drop down menu that appears to paste your signature inside the textbox. Save your new signature, and begin to compose a new email to see if your signature with a background is there on the bottom of your email.


Some email account hosts allow you to create a signature using special fonts, emoticons and backgrounds provided by their service so you can create your signature with a background through the email service rather than your computer programs if you wish.


Ensure that you save your signature before navigating away from the signature options page; otherwise, your signature will not save and appear on your new email messages.


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