how to choose a multivitamin

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If you’re considering to take multi-vitamin then you’re on your way to good health. There are so much benefits in using multi-vitamin. Doctors recommend that each individual should take at least 3 tablets of multi-vitamin per day for overall support of good health and disease prevention. If you’re lucky you aleady have a doctor prescription as to which types and brand of multivitamin that you should use and you can continue to use that brand at the prescribed dosages. There are so many brand out there and it can be hard to choose. If you don’t have a prescription, the best thing to do is to ask your nurse, nutritionist or doctor over the phone or the next time you visit them. Chances are they know which one is the best one for you regarding to brand, safety and effectiveness. We have to take into consideration all of these things. It’s important that we choose a brand that works and is safe as well with so many drug companies out there trying to get our business.

A multi-vitamin has all of the essentials vitamins and minerals that you need. When you decide to take a multi-vitamin you don’t need to take any other vitamins because it can lead to an overdose. Dosages are important just like any other kinds of medication vitamins should be taking within the limits. More vitamins is not better but it can lead to overdosing. You can become paralyzed or even die from overdosing on vitamins. Yes, vitamins has its harmful effects too.

Some people react to vitamin fine and other are allergic to it. Some people get heachache, light headed, nausea and other symptoms too. If you’re experiencing these symptoms then you should consult your physician to see what they say. My experience is that you will experience these symptoms when you first take it when as weeks go by your body will adjust to the vitamins and you won’t have these symptoms anymore. Maybe you can wait a couple of week to see if the symptoms will go away. Some people are allergic to some of the ingredients and they should stop taking the vitamins immediately or they can die from allergy complications. This is because a multi-vitamin includes at least 25 different types of vitamins and minerals into one. Therefore chances are some people will react negatively to it. Some signs of allergic reactions include difficulty breathing, fast heart rate, confusion and passing out. You should call 911 right away if you or someone you know have these symptoms.

I have seen some of my friends try to get all of their vitamins requirement by buying 20 different kinds of vitamins and combining them together in one handful and trying to take them at once. This is a very dangerous method and you should stop it if you’re doing it this way. There is a reason why they make multi-vitamin so that you don’t overdose yourself doing things like this. Combining different kinds of vitamins like this will make you easily prone to overdosaging because you don’t know what is a proper dosage and how many you should take and if you can combine certain things together at all.

When choosing a vitamin, you should consider your doctor’s prescrition first. You can choose a well known and advertise brand that all of your family or friends use. You can choose one at an accredited health store such as GNC so that you know all products have been inspected and good to buy. You should refrain from buying products at non-legitimate places like the flea market, foreign supermarket or $99 store because these products could be expired or that they are from foreign country and have not been approved or view by the FDA.


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