How to Copy/BackUp your Psp Umd, to your Computer, then transfering it to your Memory Stick. Step-By-Step

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You will Need

-Psp (Of Course) It will need to have a hacked firmware, like 4.01 M33-2.

-Usb, that can connects to your Psp to you computer.(If you don’t have one go to electronic store that sells games, and most likely they will have it, or Target sell the Psp Usb with a charger.)

-Umd (That you want to copy/backup)

-Memory Stick, if you want to put it back to Psp.

The Program


-The download button is under the screenshot.

-It will be download as a .Rar file so you will need WinRAR.


-Download it and install it.

-Now extract your your UMDGen.Rar, and install it.

Okay now where done with the program for now.


-Plug your PSP to the computer using the USB.

-Power up your PSP and press the SELECT button on the PSP.(On the Home Screen)

-A menu will pop-up. M33 VSH MENU

-Go to USB DEVICE section.

-There you will see on the right column it should say Memory Stick, use the left and right key to switch.

-Switch it to UMD Disc.

-Press the SELECT button to close.

-Now turn it to USB Mode.


-On the computer it should have a pop-up folder, and a file, UMD(Numbers).*Example* UMD124322.

-Now open UMD Gen.

-On the top there is Open, click it and look for your folder.

*The folder is located in Computers, and it shows up as a external memory, mine was F.

-Select the UMD file, and it should open on UMD Gen. It should show a folder PSP_GAME and some other things.

-Now on the top next to Open there is a Save.

-Click Save and there should be 3 options. Select the second one Compressed (*.cso).

-It will ask you where to save, best location is your Desktop.

-It will take about 10-20 minutes to copy, depending on your game size.

-After your done there should be a .cso file on your desktop.

How to put the .Cso file on your Psp.

Turn off USB Mode and press the SELECT button on the psp.

-It will take you to the menu, go to USB DEVICE and change it to Memory Stick.

-Turn on USB Mode.

-There should be a pop-up folder and it should contain a fold name PSP.

*If it doesn’t pop up go to Computers and locate your Psp’s Memory Stick.

-Stay on the same page that contains the file PSP.

-Right Click and make a new folder ISO

-Place your .cso/.iso files in there.

-Now, turn off USB Mode and go to the Game section on the PSP.

-Go to Memory Stick and your game should be there.

Thank you for using my guide, please comment.


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