The Story About FROGGY

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One day, there was a group of frogs that held a race.

The goal is to reach the top of high tower.

Around the tower, spectators gathered together to watch the race and give spirit to the participants …

The race begins …

None of the audience really believed that a tiny frog will be able to reach the top of the tower.

The audience cheered…….

“Oh.., the way is hard to be passed!! They WILL NEVER get to the top. “

“There is no chance to succeed … the tower is too High …!!

One by one, small frogs begin to fall.
Except for those who still climb the tower slowly so get higher and higher … ..

The audience kept cheering……

“Too hard! No one will succeed! “

More and more frogs are tired and gave up … … But
there is one frog,froggy, who continue the race to get higher and higher … He will not give up!

Finally, others have surrendered to climb the tower.
Except for froggy who has been trying hard to be the only one who managed to reach the top!

ALL other small frogs want to know how the froggy could done this?

One participant asked, why froggy could win the match ?

Apparently …
The frog, froggy, who became the winner was deaf!!

Wise words from this story is:

Do not ever heard anything that makes you a pessimist… because they take most of your dreams and keep it away from you.

always thinking about the encouragement word and be DEAF when people say to you that YOU could not reach your dreams!

Everything that you hear and read can affect your behavior!


” I can do this !!! ”


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