Biotin helps prevent hair loss

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One of the major reasons for hair loss problem is the deficiency of Biotin in our body, Biotin plays a pivotal role in the growth as well as control of hair loss and its deficiency in our system causes hair loss. Biotin deficiency is on of the major reason for hair loss and to control hair loss Biotin should be an integral part of our diet.

The benefits of biotin are numerous especially in promoting hair growth; biotin also helps in prevention of premature graying of hairs along with maintenance of the skin glow.

Biotin deficiency can be identified by loss of appetite, hair loss, dandruff problems, skin irritation, allergy, lung infections, etc.

SO Biotin should be an integral part of our diet for a healthy living and for those fighting hair loss problem it is the root cause which should be paid immediate attention. Here is a list of Biotin rich food which should be a part of our regular diet for fighting hair loss and other related problems.

For vegetarians Biotin can be found in Cheese, Milk Yoghurt, peanut butter, whole bread, and dried brewer’s yeast and for other Egg, fatty fish, liver (especially pig) is a rich source of biotin. Biotin tablets are available in the market but they are pretty expensive and not all can afford to take the Biotin tablets on a regular basis so adding Biotin supplements to your diet might be a better option.

So next time you see plenty of hair’s on your comb check out biotin deficiency might be the root cause.


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