Freecycle: Your Junk is Someone Else’s Treasure

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The Freecycle Network can be found worldwide and is made up of many small local groups around the entire globe. It’s a rapidly growing movement of people who are giving (and receiving) stuff for free in their own towns.

The aim of the Freecycle group is to match people who have things they want to get rid of with the people who can use them. The ultimate goal is to keep perfectly good useable items out of landfill sites.  A by-product of Freecycle has been the promotion of community involvement a process that encourages us to get rid of junk that we no longer need.

How does Freecycle work?

Everything that you post must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages. When you want to pass on a useable item you “OFFER” it up for grabs by an e-mail to your local group.

And wait for the e-mails to flood in. After you have received messages asking for your item, it is up to you the giver to decide who receives the gift from the responses you receive and to set up a collection time, and finally post an item “TAKEN” via an e-mail message to the group.

If you are looking for something yourself? Simply post a “WANTED” e-mail message and a group member may just have what you’re looking for. Alert the group with a follow-up “RECEIVED” e-mail if you receive the item you were looking for.

Message Posting Etiquette

Please use the following subject line format when posting messages:

OFFER: laptop (London)
TAKEN: laptop (London)
WANTED: Playstation (Washington)
RECEIVED: Playstation (Washington)

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