How to Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy And Stay Slim

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Step 1

Children today are out of control. Get your child away from the computer or TV. Make them help with chores around the house .Give them an exercise routine if they want certain things, like going to the movies, getting that new game,sweater,shoe,sneaker,or whatever. Just remember the choice is up to you. Do you want a child that is going to grow up out of shape and live a life of being made fun of. I’m not saying if your child is overweight he or she is not good or bad but it can lead to medical problems down the road, so many I don’t want to get into it. Please read on if you would like to start a New Years Resolution for your children.And help yourself at the same time.

Step 2


1st of all make meal time family time. Have them get involved making it. They will be more likely to eat it. Let them wear a chefs hat or apron, it makes them feel like there involved. And eat healthy yourselves to be a good role model. Remember the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Use a blender to liquefy berries ,bananas,protein,things that are healthy. You know like a smoothie children love to make them and its fun for them. No soda that alone will make them overweight. There is a tremendous amount of sugar in soda ,and never diet soda ,it’s a killer .Give them salads with non-fat dressings. when they want a snack offer them fruit they will get used to eating good nutritional food. And when they do eat good praise them with some kind of reward like going to a movie or something that they have wanted for a long time. So that they get in the habit.Try to stay away from fast foods,if you can’t order the healthiest you can from the menu.

Step 3


Remember to go to your pediatrician to get a good multi vitamin. 80% of children don’t get enough veggies everyday.They also do not get enough nutrition every day either.That’s where the supplements come in. Children should have at least 1 1/2 cups of fruit per day. Remember that starting good eating habits now will last a life time. Always encourage when dinning out with the kids to order food that you eat with a fork and knife, it’s usually healthier. And make sure they do some sort of exercise. Get them involved with track ,Karate, dance or some sort of activity after school.


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