5 Reasons Why You Should Not Take Her To A Restaurant On First Date

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First date is a major event in anyone’s life. This is the time when you have to try your best to prove to your love interest that you have the qualities to be their significant other. Also this is the time when both parties involved want to find out if a second date is possible between them. However, it is never a good idea to take the date to a fine restaurant right away. Basically in this article, you will know why that is so.

1. Noise pollution: A restaurant is usually filled with people. On the other hand, many times the management thinks that music can be a good form refreshment and entertainment for the customers. Now join people’s bustling sound with music, and soon you will get a rival competing against your voice. In short, there will be a distraction holding you back from having a good chat with your date!

2. Testing how you eat: Eating style is a sensitive case. People have unusual complaints about how others eat. In fact, many even try to read eating style. So consider this–you are eating in your own normal style, but your date ends up thinking that you make sound and eat too much or too less. Moreover, they can try to interpret how  you hold your utensils in a sophisticated environment. In short, too much will be going on while you eat and this can certainly work against you.

3. Embarrassment: You eat nicely, but this stubborn piece of food ends up sticking between two of your front teeth. Unaware of it, you smile, but your date, being the eyewitness, comes to conclusion that you are disgusting! Addition to this, another form of embarrassment which is out of your control can actually damage your reputation. This can happen if you are not treated equal to the other customers in the restaurant. Now let’s know how! Waiters have the free will to ask customers how the food is. But what if they end up skipping your table and head for the next one with this question? Its consequence will be a slam of insult for you. However, on seeing this your date might end up believing that you do not have the kind of personality which attracts spotlight.

4. Paying too much for uncertainty: As mentioned in the beginning, during the first date people decide whether a second date is possible or not. This means that first date is usually filled with uncertainty. In sitting restaurants you do not only pay a bill, but also a tip for the waiter. So basically, you are spending more than enough. But consider not hearing from your date after that evening. What happens here? You feel frustrated about the fact that your money was spent for nothing.

5. Getting trapped by the gold digger: A fine or casual dining restaurant is usually chosen by a man when he wants to impress a lady.  Yes, this is the tradition, but time has changed. These days doing it on the first date can be risky for your financial well-being. You do not know much about her, but she knows what she wants from you. If on the first date you show her your money power, the next thing that will happen is that she will want you for your money and not for love.

The points given above are best to be applied if you are into online dating. They should also be taken seriously by those who are dating for a serious relationship. Of course, you will want to have a good dinner with them. For this, try to go for meals that do not involve sitting restaurants. If needed buy your foods from one of them, but eat somewhere else. This can be helpful not only for your personality, but also for the well-being of your finance.

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