Breed Specific Legislation Why It Isn’t Fair

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Breed-specific legislation is a very touchy subject for many because it targets certain breeds, almost like being racist. A few breeds that are always targeted by breed-specific legislation are pit bulls, Rottweilers and German shepherds mainly because these are the breeds that we hear about most often in the media for attacks or severe bites.

Now I don’t condone dog attacks but I do know more often than not that some of these bites can be prevented by education for one, but back to BSL I know that many cities have breed-specific legislation in action with breed bans within city limits. As well as many states are trying to bring in new laws. I think that we have enough laws on the board and AC has a hard enough time enforcing these. Most AC workers already have their hands full trying to enforce the laws that we have. We don’t need more that are targeting certain breeds and those stereo types that own them. I think that education is a must and with that a lot of these incidences can be stopped. By making dog owners more responsible for what their animals do not the whole breed in general.

Most dogs that end up in shelters that look a certain way automatically get branded as being a pit bull or pit-bull mix. There is no real way to determine what breed some of these dogs are by just looking at them. I think that these are unfair practices and need to be changed to just a mixed breed dog. Unless it is obvious than how do we really know.

We need to stop BSL in its tracks by taking action and attending meetings, writing to your local and state governments as well as congress and the senate. We need to take action for our beloved pets before we lose our rights to own dogs altogether. Everyone can do this and make a difference. BSL is just as bad as racism is we need to make a stand. Get involved, get educated and save our pets.


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