Poker Terms. E’s

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These are Terms that every new and upcoming poker player will need in order to give an image of knowledge and experience of the game. From these expression you can add years to your experience which shows strength and will intimidate your opponents to a greater degree. Good luck in all your poker adventures and may the cards do justice for you.
Poker Terms for new players.


Early Bet.
The first bet, usually mandatory, made according to a specific opening hand requirement.

Early Position.
Those seats around the table which are required to bet first or nearly first.

Earn a Pot.
To win a pot without holding the best cards.

To have an advantage, whether by being more skilled than your opponents, or having better cars in particular hand.

Edge Shot.
To make a bet from an advantageous position at the table.

Describes the player to the immediate left of the dealer, who receives his cards first making that hand technically the oldest hand.

End Bet.
The final round or betting, usually after all cards have been dealt.

End Strippers.
Cards which have been shaved in order for a cheat to be able to recognise them by fell during the deal.

Your expectation of winning with a particular hand if you play that hand a number of times over a long period.

Exposed Card.
1. Any card dealt face up in a game of Stud.
2. Any card accidentally exposed during a hand.

Expressed Odds.
The odds the pot is giving you which indicates whether you should call or fold. These factors can also be changed with implied odds.


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