Make a Super Bowl or Holiday Center Piece that is Deliciously Edible

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 What about making something a little more special than simply picking up a cheese ball and crackers at the local deli for the party this year?  Great!  This decision is the first step to showing your friends, co-workers, or family just how special they are to you.

With a bit of “want to” and imagination, you can make a unique centerpiece for that upcoming Super Bowl gathering, or other themed event, that is sure to be one-of-a-kind.   

Because this center piece also involves a yummy cheese ball recipe (that you will make into a cheese “loaf”) it doubles as a snack or appetizer that is sure to be a hit with the crowd. 

I am sharing my own, “Always Yummy” cheese ball recipe that everyone seems to love.  It makes a cheese ball more than twice the size of those store-bought ones!

Degree of Difficulty

Your edible center piece will not be difficult to make, but will require a bit of thought in deciding what color(s) and/or design you want the fabric to be that you will use for draping your center piece stand.

Time to Make

Locating the fabric or any other materials you will use will take a bit of time of course. There will also be the time spent on shopping for the ingredients and making up the recipe! 

What you will need:

·      A yummy cheese ball recipe (Possibly doubled if it is a really large crowd)

·      Festive Platter or pedestal cake plate

·      Plastic or edible logo or representation of the holiday you are celebrating

·      Party Favors (opt.)

·      Knife

·      Crackers and/or celery

·      Piece of colorful accent fabric.


Step 1)  Make your favorite cheese ball recipe, but double your recipe. If your recipe does not make a large ball to begin with, you may need to triple it.

If you would like, try my “always awesome” cheese ball recipe. It makes a huge ball and will be perfect for your centerpiece if doubled.

RECIPE: 2 reg. size cream cheese, 1 huge gallop of mayonnaise, 1 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese, 1 pkg. dry Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing,(or generic brand)1 quick squirt of lemon, dash of Worcestershire sauce. Enough finely ground pecans or chopped olives to cover your creation.

Mix all ingredients except for the nuts or olives.

Roll the mixture into a ball and roll it in either the olives or nuts.

Flatten the cheese ball to look like an oblong loaf, square, or even football if you wish. (Remember, this is your center piece…be sure to at least double your recipe!)

Step 2)  Select a small icon or object signifying the holiday theme, sports event, or other special event you are celebrating.

After thoroughly cleaning your chosen item, place it in the middle of your cheese loaf. Remove some of the nuts, or olives, as necessary.


Once you have decided upon the location for your edible Holiday Center Piece cheese loaf. Elevate the loaf in some way. A pedestal cake plate works well.

If you do not have a pedestal cake plate, place a small box in the middle of your table. A flat tissue box is the size you are looking for.

If using a box for elevation, loosely drape the accent fabric you have chosen over the box in a way that flows well with your table cloth or other table/counter surface. Place the plate holding your edible Holiday Center Piece cheese loaf on top of the loosely covered box.

If you use a pedestal cake place, simply place your accent material in the center of your food table and place your edible Holiday Center Piece directly on material on the flat surface

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now ready to show off your own unique design…your own creation … your edible HOLIDAY CENTER PIECE!

Tips & Warnings

  • Make your cheese ball recipe the night before to allow time for the flavors to settle in nicely.
  • Find the right icon/figure for your cheese loaf. If nothing comes to mind immediately, begin in the baking isle of your grocery store. Or most bakeries will sell you one of their special cake decorations. Or, look around your house…is there a toy, a special ornament, or sports memento that might be thoroughly cleaned and used? If you’re having a bridge party, how about fanning part of a small deck of “cleaned” cards in the middle?
  • Remember to place a couple of cheese spreaders or knives close by.
  • You may want to creatively place crackers around the folds of your material. Or, simply offer them in attractive containers.
  • ALLERGY ALERT: Because some people are highly allergic to nuts, I mentioned olives as a coating. Though a bit messy, covering your cheese ball/loaf with chopped olives is quite yummy! I did this in place of pecan pieces once when I knew one of my guests was allergic to nuts. My son, who is not allergic to nuts, said he liked the olives even better!

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