How to Add a Driver to an Auto Insurance Policy

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Auto insurance coverage is something that most every state mandates by law that you must have. You do not necessarily have to carry full coverage on your vehicle (which is advantageous but sometimes not affordable for all of us), but you do have to carry at least your state’s determined minimum coverage. Your auto insurance policy should also cover anyone who lives with you, including a roommate, even if you aren’t married. The reason for this is that someone you live with potentially has access to your vehicle’s keys and, thus, your vehicle. You can easily add a person to your auto insurance if you live together via one of two methods.

Things You’ll Need

Online auto insurance account


Adding a Driver Online

Step 1

Navigate to the website of your auto insurance policy holder company, and login to your account by inputting your username and password into the required fields. If you do not have an account, you can create one with your basic information, email address and policy number and information. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, have them emailed to you.

Step 2

Add a new driver to your policy by clicking on “Add New Driver” located in your account options.

Step 3

Enter in the new driver’s information such as his or her name, address, age and vehicle history in the input fields provided, and be sure to provide accurate information. Submit your request for the changes to your policy to be processed and take effect.

Adding a Driver by Phone

Step 1

Call the customer service phone number for your auto insurance company and follow the prompts within the automated menu to reach a customer service representative; it might take you several tries to successfully navigate the automated menu, which can be lengthy and complicated. Simply keep selecting the options that deal with changes to your auto policy or account until you reach a customer service representative.

Step 2

Provide the customer service representative with your policy number (or social security number if you do not know your policy number) so that he or she can access your account information; without this information the customer service representative will not be able to help you. You can find your policy number on your billing statement.  

Step 3

Explain to the customer service representative that you would like to add another driver to your policy because you live together, at which time the customer service representative will ask you for information about the new driver, which you should provide as accurately as possible.


The method you use to add drivers to your car insurance policy differs from auto insurance company to auto insurance company, so check with you company to find out if you can add drivers online or if you must do it via phone with a customer service representative.


Beware of increases to your auto insurance policy premium when adding a new driver to your policy, for the other driver’s information could increase your risk factor and, thus, your auto insurance rate.  


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